What is Vieve and why is it so different?

Vieve is a water-based protein drink with 20g of protein, 0 carbs, 0 sugars with no artificial flavours or colours. We are fat-free, lactose-free and glucose-free as well.  What sets us apart is that we are a hydrating protein solution on the go – not a messy powder or milky drink.   We also use collagen peptides as the main source of protein in our drink which are easier to absorb than whey. However what really sets us apart is our taste – we’ve spent two years developing what we think is the tastiest protein drink on the market.


Vieve is the first sports nutrition product and protein drink in the UK to be certified sugar free by Sugarwise. The Sugarwise marque is the trusted and recognised sign guaranteeing that the sugar claims made on packaging have been independently verified, and that the product is low in any of the sugars or sweeteners people need to limit, referencing World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.


What are the benefits?

There are so many!  Here are a few:

  • 20g Protein in every bottle
  • 0 Carbs
  • Sugar-Free 
  • Low Calorie (90 calories per bottle)
  • Fat-Free
  • Lactose-Free
  • Glucose Free
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Added electrolytes for hydration
  • Easy to drink on the go
  • Not a messy powder or milky drink
  • Supports growth & maintenance of muscle mass
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Most importantly: TASTES GREAT!


What is the protein source you use?

We use Collagen as our primary protein source.


Are you vegan or vegetarian?

Sadly no we are not vegan/vegetarian due to the inclusion of collagen as our protein source.  We have been working on a Vegan protein which we are hoping to launch in the near future.


Are you gluten-free?

You bet we are.


Are you lactose-free?

Yes, we are!  For those who have problems digesting whey protein drinks or powders we are an excellent substitute and also our peptide formula means it is easier to digest than milk or whey-based drinks.